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Did you know that up to 70% of what you pay for a traditional product is to cover their marketing costs? We have eliminated that! WE can offer our "Pure Points" product to you at a substantial savings based on the idea of buying low and paying only for the points that you need, only the points that you will use.

Did you know that most of the vacation ownership industry is driven to sell you a timeshare at the highest possible price and then charge the highest possible maintenance fees? Take control of your vacation spending today! Don't fall into the trap of paying too much for what you don't need.

Did you know that you can get amazing vacations on "Last Call" for less than 10,000 points! The industry doesn't want you to know that. They want to sell you the largest unit in the best season and give you 40,000 or 50,000 or even 80,000 points every year. Every year! Do you travel like that every year? Don't lose points that you've overpaid for in the first place! Don't do it!

Buy low and only pay for what you need and don't pay more than a $99.00 maintenance fee.

Let us show you how you can stop paying the high maintenance fees you're paying.
Our Product is Unique and Exclusive!

If you're already a timeshare owner, then you are familiar with high maintenance fees that continue to go up every year. According to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), the average annual maintenance fee is $815.00. Resort operating costs rise dramatically every year because of the traditional way of billing, which is 51 owners paying for each one week unit. And then you have the Special Assessments you're charged for extra costs that may come up. This is where we come in.

​Our way of billing is different and exclusive to our members because we are able to offer 10,000 RCI Point Packages! With the blessing of RCI and our partners, the Florida Vacation Villas Club, we are able to offer the lowest purchase price and lowest maintenance fees in the industry while still providing the same luxury vacations you'd get with a traditional, much more expensive timeshare package.
We Really Do Get Rid of Your Timeshare!!!
Unlike many unscrupulous timeshare purveyors, we work with an A+ rated Timeshare Reseller. Resale Closings, LLC has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureaus website. They have been around since 1/1/1996 and their Better Business Bureau File was opened on 9/17/2004. You don't get that kind of rating without doing exactly what you say you'll do. Their information is on our Partners page. Here is a direct link to the BBB's website with their A+ rating.
The $99.00 Maintenance Fee is REAL!!!